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Floor Pads to measure


Range 4 Floor Pads

High abrasive capacity and consistent performance over time. Products with immersion technology, Range 4 discs offer above-average life. The compact design makes it the ideal choice for the construction world.


Range 5 Floor Pads

Thickness, high quality Polyester and Nylon. A thick line for maximum performance. The more abrasive discs contain Nylon for increased durability and performance.


Range 6 Floor Pads

NEW: specifics for professional cleaning The new Range 6 line maintains the production quality of the impregnated Fibratesco discs, with a more open structure, ideal for the needs of cleaning professionals.


Normal Pads

Excellent quality/price ratio for each use.High quality abrasives, low thickness, available in Standard Superior and Range 4 versions.


Range 6 Floor Pads Silver

The first floor pads with antimicrobial action.


Fibratesco directly manufactures in its Tribiano (MI) factories all products in the catalog. The range of Fibratesco abrasive discs and floor pads includes abrasives designed for different needs of the construction industry and professional cleaning. To the latter, in particular, the new line Range 6 Floor Pads is dedicated. The availability of the technical staff, the versatility of the service and the production capacity of the plants, allow Fibratesco to provide highly personalized service to all customers who need abrasives with particular characteristics, sizes, shapes or specifications that do not conform to market standards.

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