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Range 4 Polishing Floor Pads

Range 4 Floor Pads is the line of thick discs and pads and characterized by high abrasiveness, which find their ideal fields of application in construction and cleaning large surfaces. Produced entirely in Italy at Fibratesco’s Tribiano plants, they have excellent wear resistance, selected from prime raw materials and immersion production technology. Unlike most products on the market, the Fibratesco pads are impregnated and not sprayed, resulting in a more compact and durable fiber. Available in 7 classic colors for a full treatment of each area, and two versions for high-speed machines.




Cod. F 0490

Floor Pads: finishing and polishing
Suitable for finishing and polishing floors. Use dry or slightly damp.

Hand Pads: very delicate use
Without abrasive, for very delicate surfaces such as glass, crystal and stainless steel sinks.



Cod. F 4401

Floor Pads: polishing
For light cleaning and maintaining all types of floors. It is used dry.

Hand Pads: mild use
Without abrasives for delicate surfaces such as sinks and ceramic tiles. Suitable to clean the joints of tiled floors.



Cod. F 4105

Floor Pads: spray polishing
For frequent use on relatively clean floors. It also cleans and polishes dry by removing marks.

Hand Pads: medium use
Light abrasion, which require more strength to finish than white and beige pads.



Cod. F 4103

Floor Pads: light cleaning
Cleaning and light spray washing.

Hand Pads: Medium Duty
Light abrasion, which requires more strength to finish than white, beige and red pads.



Cod. F 4402

Floor Pads: intermediate cleaning
For hard to remove layers of surface wax and to prepare the floor before the next process. Use wet.

Hand Pads: use medium strong
High abrasion to remove stubborn deposits like very old layers of wax. Suitable for smooth cast concrete.



Cod. F 4106

Floor Pads: scrubbling
Hard aggressive scraping wet or dry, with strippers. Prepare the floor for new waxing. Resistant to acids.

Hand Pads: decisive use
For applications requiring more abrasion than the green pad. Resistant to acids.



Cod. F 4404

Floor Pads: thorough cleaning
For wet scrubbing of strong layers of wax. Removes old finishes and eliminates concrete burrs.

Hand Pads: scrubbling
High abrasion to remove stubborn deposits like very old layers of wax. Suitable for smooth cast concrete.


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