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Range 6 floor pads Silver

The first floor pads with antimicrobial action

Starting from our #1 product for the cleaning market, we have developed a new category of floor pads, in order to satifsfy an increasing demand for hygiene. Our goal was to create a floor pad capable of protecting from bacteria proliferation and inhibit their growth, keeping itself always hygienized. The result of our research is the new Range 6 SILVER line, which implement the innovative silver ion technology by Biomaster® to inhibit the growth of bacteria by >99%, compared to normal floor pads.
Combining the best-in-class cleaning performances and the exclusive advantage of their antimicrobial action, Fibratesco Range 6 SILVER floor pads are definitely the very best solution for treating public areas, where hygiene is a real concern: airports, hospitals, schools, gyms, hotels, shopping malls etc.


Bacteria reduction >99% on over 50 species

Silver ions bind to and damage the bacteria cell wall preventing growth, stop bacteria from producing energy and interrupt the DNA preventing replication.If a bacteria cell cannot grow, produce energy and replicate, it dies. Range 6 SILVER floor pads have been proved to be effective on over 50 different species of bacteria, including MRSA, E.Coli, Listeria.

Because health is precious. As silver.

microbi1Range 6 SILVER floor pads contain additives based on silver ions technology. Their additives are registered as biocides under the BPD, FDA and EPA. The antimicrobial protection avoid the floor pads to become a propagation vehicle of bacteria from one environment to another. Besides has an antimicrobial action on all the dirt absorbed so to reduce the bacterial load on the surfaces that clean. While keeping the floor pads hygienized, silver ions also prevent the formation of unpleasant odors.

About the test

microbi2The effectiveness of the antimicrobial action have been tested to ISO standards at Europe’s top independent laboratory.
Submitted samples are challenged against stock cultures of S.aureus and E.coli purchased from ATCC. Samples are inoculated using a known amount of the above cultures and incubated for 24 hours at 37°C according to ISO 22196:2011. TVC (Total Viable Count) of bacteria are then recorded and the percentage of reduction is calculated. All testing is carried out independently at Industrial Microbiological Services Ltd, the only lab outside of Japan to have SIAA (Society of Industrial technology for Antimicrobial Articles) accreditation.


Innovative silver ion technology by Biomaster®

Biomaster remains the recognised leader in antimicrobial technology, used in medical, food and water applications. The active ingredient in Biomaster is silver, a natural antimicrobial that has been used for centuries to prevent the growth of bacteria. Biomaster technology has been rigorously tested to prove its efficacy, which is effective for the intended lifetime of the floor pads.

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