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New Range 6 floor pads – FIBRATESCO

New Range 6 floor pads – FIBRATESCO

Fibratesco has released a new set of floor pads for the cleaning market, to be used exclusively with medium and high speed machines.

The new products, which belong to the Range 6 line, allow to perform a wide variety of treatments on any surface and are suitable for daily use.

Here are the new references:

  • F 6900 – ONYX: the most aggressive natural blend for medium or high speed machines. Ideal for thermal buffing on hard finishes. Suitable also for strong works combined with abrasive powder.
  • F 6700 – SAPPHIRE: soft pad to produce a high luster polishing. Suitable for daily use.
  • F 6800 – RUBY: virgin polyester fibers of big denier, combined to a thermosetting resin, to enable a fast burnishing to medium finishes. Ideal also for thermal buffing at higher speed.